World Aids Day 2012

The theme this year is about “Getting to Zero”  by 2015 – Zero AIDS Related Deaths, Zero New Infections and Zero Discrimination – from World Aids Campaign

UNAIDS Executive Director’s message for World AIDS Day 2012

To the millions who have come together with compassion and determination on this World AIDS Day, we say: “Your blood, sweat and tears are changing the world.”

We have moved from despair to hope.

Far fewer people are dying from AIDS.

25 countries have reduced new infections by more than 50%. I want these results in every country.

The pace of progress is quickening. It is unprecedented—what used to take a decade is now being achieved in just 24 months.

Now that we know rapid and massive scale up of HIV programmes is possible, we need to do more.

Friends, we only have a thousand days left before the deadline of the 2015 global AIDS targets.

So today, on World AIDS Day, let us renew our commitment to getting to zero.

Zero new HIV infections

Zero discrimination

Zero AIDS-related deaths

Sourced from – UNAIDS Press Release Page

  • Learn more about UNAIDS strategy for “Getting to Zero by 2015” here.
  • Read real-life stories from people living with HIV here (UK specific source).
  • Another way to get involved with Durex here. Share a fact about HIV/AIDS to donate a condom.

Get involved and spread the word. Let’s get to Zero by 2015.


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