My big-screen life

If I were only watching it on a screen and not living it, I would be doubled up in laughter at the present story of my life. Actually, I’m laughing anyway. It’s like a farce where everything goes slightly wrong or the exact opposite of what should happen does. Now if I could just have the funny without the frustrating, I’d be golden.

Well, I always wanted to have my own movie except that I imagined it more like a romantic fairytale than a comedy of errors. I swear I saw a movie like this once before. I just never thought that my own life would be so similar. That’ll teach me!

In any case, I thank God because nothing lasts forever and in time this season will pass.


5 responses to “My big-screen life

  1. You have to have a good sense of humour with life. When you look back those memories will probably make you smile. Another way to consider it is that without the ugly side of life you are unable to have the contrast to appreciate the beautiful parts.

    • Thanks Alex, a sense of humour definitely helps with getting through life. I like your way of seeing the situation and I will keep it in mind.

  2. Its a cliche, Culture soup, but it will have to do: tough times don’t last but tough people do. Whatever you are going through now surely has an end point. Just hold on.

    • Thank you Ginger. Even if it’s a cliche, it’s still true! And co-sign on Simon Webbe. He can cheer me up anytime with that smile :).

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