Re: Black Sunday

It was shocking to see the news coming out of Nigeria yesterday about a plane crash that killed everyone onboard as well as some locals on the ground. Coming on the heels of a different plane crash in Ghana on Saturday involving yet another Nigerian airline, it was really awful news to take in.

As usual in Nigeria, the authorities have started with grandiose gestures intended to show they care. 3 days of national mourning, promises of thorough investigations, condolence speeches and so on are just some of the things that have come out since the incident. I guess we are supposed to applaud their actions but I for one, am very unimpressed.

Where was all this caring when it mattered, when it could have saved lives and prevented such needless tragedies? Where was the caring to ensure that safety regulations were enforced on all airlines operating in the country? Where was the caring to prevent the crew of yesterday’s doomed plane from being forced to fly an unfit aircraft as is now being claimed by unnamed sources? Where was the diligence to ensure that sub-standard equipment did not even come into use in Nigeria to begin with? Where was the caring that would have made sure that rescue operations were launched quickly and in an organised manner? Of what use are a president’s tears when he cannot get the people under him to do the jobs for which they are appointed and over-compensated?

I wish i could have more faith in the measures announced but Nigeria has been here before, too many times in fact and i don’t see much that is being done differently now than then. I’m still waiting to see whether all domestic airlines will be required to conduct immediate safety inspections on their carriers before continuing operations as i would expect in a prudent society.

Yesterday, many people i know (including me) were asking these questions:

What does Nigeria ever give its people apart from hardship and heartache? Why does this country not value the life of its people?

I wish i had something good to say in response but right now i’m too angry to even try.

R.I.P to all lost in Nigeria and Ghana because of these crashes.


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