Dating: The Real World vs TV

In the spirit of community service, i decided to take it upon myself to speak the truth about dating for the single ladies out there.

Here it is: you have been lied to. That’s right, the glamorous picture of urban dwelling single ladies painted by tv shows and movies is all false. The dating scene is nothing like that. Sex and The City, it definitely ain’t.

Why you ask? Well, i was just coming to that. To start with, the racks and racks of gorgeous clothes and shoes that fill the closets of those ladies on tv? I don’t know anyone in real life who can afford all that and pay their bills at the same time (at least not on their legal income alone).

As for the endless supply of hunky men to fuel all those shenanigans, my totally unscientific poll of ladies from different countries produced one clear answer: they are nowhere to be found! Maybe they only exist on tv. In the real world, we mostly meet guys that are unavailable whether they’re gay, attached or just have emotional issues. There’s none of that gorgeous stranger nonsense going on either because, as we’ve learnt from the news, you can’t trust strangers especially those who are suspiciously friendly. I mean, who wants to end up strangled by some random they ran into on the street for the sake of a date? No one i know. The truth about living in a city is that everyone has their guard up and sadly, a cute smile is not enough to penetrate.

So there you have it all laid out for you. Before you go comparing your life to that of the Rachels, Carries and Samanathas on your screen, just bear in mind that tv dating does not resemble real life dating in any way whatsoever.

You can thank me later.

8 responses to “Dating: The Real World vs TV

    • Thanks for your comment Ruth. I’m glad to see i’m not the only one that feels this way. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog. I like the look of it already.

  1. LOL.. Valid points you make.. Perhaps the movies and sitcoms are not so much false as ‘ideals’ (and I use that term very loosely here) that we can aspire to? Much like the Snow Whites and Cinderellas that the Brothers Grimm sold us on?

    • Sex and The City as a modern day fairy tale? That’s an interesting way to look at it, RustGeek. The problem with fairy tales though is that you stop believing them as you get older. It’s hard to aspire to something you don’t find credible anymore. I was always more interested in what happened after the ‘happily ever after’ part of the story. But then, maybe i’m just not enough of an optimist.

      Thanks for your comment and i hope to see you around here again.

  2. I refuse to believe girls actually believe SATC = real life!!!

    Ha ha ha (I laugh in French)

    *sigh* (I sigh in Pidgin)

    That’s one of the reasons I don’t believe in single-gender schools. If a girl went through secondary school beside some smelly, annoying boys…How can she expect ALL of them to undergo a miraculous metamorphosis and become sweet-smelling Mr Bigs???

    *double sigh*

    • I think i’ll join you in sighing, N.I.L. Your point about unrealistic expectations is true but in my experience it’s not just girls that go to single gender schools that have them. I feel like there’s a general delusion around love and romance in society. It seems to me that popular culture promotes these ideas which are then reflected in our entertainment media. It’s hard to escape that if it’s all around you.

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