Chemistry Complicates Everything

Ohh, i hate how chemistry complicates everything. Sure it’s exciting at the beginning. How could it not be? With all the butterflies fluttering in your belly when he speaks, no wonder you want to hear his voice forever. The sparkle in his eye that hints at something mischievous leaves you feeling like not yet perfectly formed jelly, and your emotions are in danger of spilling everywhere at the slightest push.

But then you realise that Mr ‘Gets-your-heart-racing-and-your-voice-quivering-like-no-other’ is actually another’s Mr ‘Perfect’ and that’s when chemistry leads to trouble. Because you have to decide what the heck to do with this relationship. Do you continue your acquaintance with this Mr or do you count it as one of those things, shrug it off and never speak to him again? But then how can you cut him off, knowing that there is potentially a really valuable friendship to be had there? After all, apart from the chemistry you like other things about this person. Do you hang on, hoping that even though the tide is high right now, soon the other girl’s ride will be over and it could be your turn to be no 1? But then what if her ride never ends? Will you be stuck hanging on forever? Decisions, decisions!

Finally, you come to a conclusion. Since you’re not that girl, aka the femme fatale who gets her way regardless of if it hurts anyone else or not, you decide to eliminate any thoughts of romance from your mind entirely. You will be just friends and you will never give a hint that you wish things could be different. Oh but there goes that damn chemistry again, betraying you just when you thought you had things under control.

Very little else in the world can beat the feeling of discovering how well and easily you click with someone else. There’s no denying that chemistry can be amazing. Too bad you never seem to find it except with inappropriate guys.


2 responses to “Chemistry Complicates Everything

  1. Tell me abourrit. but the beauty of growing older is learning how to reign in all that attraction/emotion till you are sure it’s safe to blossom. Back in the days you crush first before you carry out required snooping :). now its the reverse….

    • You’re right Ginger, and very wise too but it’s just so hard! You call this the beauty of growing older. I feel like it’s a pain but it’s got to be done.

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