30 day challenge: Five Pet Peeves

This is my third post in this series. Please see here for an explanation of the approach i’ve taken to this challenge if you’re interested.

Five Pet Peeves 

1. Slow moving people that appear in front of you just when you are in a hurry:

This always seems to happen whatever mode of transport you happen to be taking. Walking, driving or sitting on a bus, you can almost guarantee that the day you are in a rush, you’ll find yourself stuck behind the person who apparently has all day to arrive at their destination. Maybe there’s a crowd of them hidden somewhere who are deployed specially to slow you down at such moments. It’s even worse when they hog all the space making it very difficult for anyone else to pass them. Whoever they are, these people annoy me.

PS: I’m sure I’ve been one of those people at some point but let’s agree not to bring that up today. OK? Great.

2. Craving something all day and being unable to find it anywhere:

This is even more annoying when you check a few different places and your desired item seems to have somehow mysteriously disappeared from all store shelves around you only to reappear when you no longer want it so badly.

3. Finding out that the perfect person you’ve been crushing on is already attached:

This one’s a real bummer. There’s no need to say more than that.

4. People you haven’t been in touch with in a long time attempting to blame you for the lack of contact:

The way I see it, I didn’t call/write them but neither did they take the initiative to contact
me. So I find it a passive aggressive move when such people open with a blame-shifting greeting. How about instead, we both acknowledge our failures on the communication front and move forward from there?

5. People who fail to signal while driving:

I don’t understand why the concept of signalling is so hard for some people to grasp. It’s as if these people believe that they share telepathic waves with other road users and don’t need to indicate before starting their next manoeuvre. Not only is it very annoying to have someone pull a sudden stunt in the road, it is also potentially dangerous.

I have news for this category of people – it might shock you to realise this but no one else can read your mind so stop acting like a jerk and use your indicator for its intended purpose. Some of us would like to reach our destinations in one piece, thank you very much.


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