Royal Wedding Fever

The eve of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has finally arrived. Observing people’s reactions to the whole thing has been very entertaining for me. There are those who swear not to care about the royal family or the wedding*. A segment of this group has somehow managed to generate several hundred words in blog posts and articles telling us how much they don’t care. Others of this group who all seem to be British claim that the wedding is more interesting to Americans anyway. I even heard someone say on the radio that there are so many Americans over in London at the moment. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that everyone who will be out on the streets or glued to their television screen in London tomorrow is American. Too funny*.


At the other end of the spectrum, we have the people who are throwing viewing parties complete with British/royal/wedding themed food and costumes. I’ve heard that there might be tiaras involved. Then there are those in the middle (I think I’m in this group) who are neither filled with passion or loathing for the event but will not mind enjoying the pomp and circumstance or admiring the pretty pictures. So far, I have managed to avoid most of the media build-up and I may miss the live action too since unlike Her Majesty’s subjects in the UK, I don’t get the day off and I really value my sleep. I will probably watch the main clips later though. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the spectacular hats I expect to be on display.


As for the couple, I think Kate is lucky to have found someone she loves (the same for William). I’m more doubtful about whether becoming a princess or the wife of a prince is equally lucky for her. Sure, she’ll enjoy the privileges of that position but history has shown that the institution of monarchy is not for everyone. The indicators as to Kate’s ability to fit into the royal family seem good to start. She’s not really controversial and seems a lot more comfortable with the idea of the institution than someone like Diana who was independent minded and different in a way that did not endear her to the people in that world. Despite what my eight/nine year old self imagined, it’s not the kind of life I’d wish for myself. However, they both seem confident going into it and time will tell if it works out for them. Here’s wishing them plenty of luck. They’re going to need it.




*Here’s a tip for all those who claim to be uninterested in the royal wedding – don’t click on wedding related articles, photos, blog posts. It’s very simple to just say no.


*Here’s another tip, this time for the too cool for school Brits – we’re not buying this ‘nobody here cares about the wedding’ line.  


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