From The Stream of Undirected Thoughts in My Head

Here’s a few:

* I was thinking the other day about the absurdity of naturally slim people giving ‘expert’ advice on weightloss. Someone who’s born slim/slender did not do anything to get that body so has little idea what it takes for others not naturally endowed in that way to achieve what they take for granted. I would think it’d be more accurate to have people who’ve actually successfully lost weight (or who maintain their bodies using the regime they are recommending) doling out advice to others trying to do the same thing so that those they’re talking to can have confidence in their tips. I don’t know what others think about this but that’s what makes sense to me.


*On a related note, i was also thinking about how meaningless it is to take pride in things you were gifted with. Feeling special because you are tall, intelligent, come from a rich family etc is ridiculous if you think about it. After all if you were born like that, you never did anything or made any sacrifices to be that way. So how can you legitimately consider yourself better than someone who doesn’t have those qualities? I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel good about themselves just that it’s silly to look down on others because of something you have but never worked for.   


*On to another very unrelated topic: does anyone know how old Wizkid, the musician, is? He doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry yet so i can’t look it up there. I was wondering because somehow i happened to only properly look at him for the first time this week and it hit me how cute he is, with his fresh face and everything.  Immediately after this thought, i needed to find out his age.  The guy looks so young that it feels kind of wrong to write that sentence. Maybe he’s just one of those people with an eternally youthful face. Or maybe he’s young enough that i should not be commenting on him being cute …… ack.  Someone set me straight, please.


* Finally, the second-first round of elections in Nigeria are supposed to have kicked off today after a false start last weekend. Already, there have been violent episodes leading up to the day including bomb blasts. There is a strong sense that these elections are critical and can be a turning point (good or bad) for the country, however there is an equally strong sense of unpredictability going into the polls.  It’s been great to see all the initiatives to encourage people especially the youth demographic to come out and vote over the past few months. Great job to all those who’ve worked so hard. R.I.P. to the NYSC volunteers and others who lost their lives in working towards the execution of these elections.  Here’s me anxiously watching how things turn out and praying for safety for everyone on the ground.


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