On Chris Brown

The pop singer made negative headlines again this week after an outburst at the Good Morning America studios because an interviewer brought up the subject of his violent acts towards his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna (see the story here).

It was a pathetic display from him that underlines reasons to continue to be concerned about his character. Ever since the night he beat Rihanna, he has rightly faced a lot of public criticism. His frustration at the public opinion of him is understandable but a wise person or one who had people speaking words of wisdom to him would have realised that he should have been more worried about making an internal change than about what people think of him.

At the time, I condemned his behaviour but was willing to believe in the possibility of change for him. My reasons for thinking so were to do with his age at the time of the attack on Rihanna, the fact that he grew up in a home where he witnessed domestic violence, the fact that he was so young when thrust into the limelight and my opinion that he has not benefitted from proper training and supervision because of his celebrity (it is my view that those around him as a teenager in the limelight were too compromised to treat him firmly when he needed it). I didn’t think his career should be over forever but I thought that he needed to take the time to seek help and work on his beliefs, anger, mentality, personality …..basically everything. Sadly, his choices since then appear to have been primarily directed at rehabilitating his public image.  And it was working; radio stations started playing his music again, his album sales were climbing, he resumed public performances, was being invited to attend events and things generally seemed to be going right with his career again until this week.

His latest meltdown just goes to show the truth of the saying that a house built on sand cannot last. It will eventually collapse. Chris Brown may believe that he is a changed man but his actions this week should give him pause for thought. He has apparently prioritised his career over his person and that to me, is a mistake. At this point, the public is just waiting to see what misdemeanour he will engage in next. And they are not wrong or misguided in thinking this way: it’s clear that if he is not willing to do the hard work in his personal life, he will find himself continually coming back to such awful moments of madness. Somehow, the man in the mirror always finds a way of creeping out no matter how many layers of finery he is covered in.


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