Film Review: Morning Glory

Spoiler alert: I’m not going to describe the ending in detail but do not read on if you don’t want to have an idea how this story plays out.

I recently saw this movie starring the ever watchable Rachel McAdams alongside Harrison Ford, Patrick Wilson and Diane Keaton. Rachel McAdams (from The Notebook and The Time Traveller’s Wife) is turning out to be a reliable favourite. When I saw that she had another moving coming out, I knew had to see it. Diane Keaton was another good draw for me. I enjoyed her work in Something’s Gotta Give and she’s another actress I’d make a note to see. With this cast of actors, I was expecting something good and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I left the cinema delighted that I had chosen this film.

The story is about a young, t.v. producer who is very passionate about her job to the detriment of other aspects of her life. She ruins dates because she is permanently attached to her phone so that she doesn’t miss anything remotely news-worthy that might come up. She is full of energy and enthusiasm about her job and looks like she is set to move up in the ranks when suddenly she is let go because of budget cuts. All the passion and time she has invested in her career now seems wasted as she is left with nothing but her childhood dreams which even her mother has now tired of.

In her search for a new job, she ends up in the role of executive producer at a failing show in New York City where staff morale is low, one of the stars of the show is rather creepy and the other (Diane Keaton) is a diva. She has to revitalise the show and improve viewing figures to prevent it from being cancelled. In her efforts to do this, she fires the creepy male anchor and hires a prize winning former journalist (Harrison Ford) who was fired from his last role and feels humiliated at having to take this undignified job which he considers beneath him. Harrison Ford plays the role of a grumpy old man who does not take kindly to being bossed around by this enthusiastic young woman to perfection. He has no intention of cooperating with her to make her job easier which makes for some hilarious scenes. By the way, I never knew Harrison Ford had such a sexy voice.

The funny thing is that he is very much like her, without the energy, perkiness and blonde hair. He was equally obsessive about his work and as he explains to her, is angry at finding himself empty handed after he put everything into his career. He has spent so much time away from his family that he is no longer close to them and yet in the career for which made this sacrifice, he is viewed as being past it.  This commentary on the importance of straightening out our priorities and the need for balance in life was touching and yet not overdone. The similarities between them Rachel and Harrison’s characters enhanced the movie as we could see why they kept rubbing up against each other. 

In true Hollywood style, she succeeds at her mission and saves the show from being cut. Harrison also steps up to the mark, reaching out to her in a grand gesture that keeps the show from losing her to the Today show, a major competitor. She also manages to find a smoking hot boyfriend (Patrick Wilson) along the way. Apart from the crazy chemistry between them, he is really encouraging of her aspirations and an all-around nice, gentlemanly guy. The sequence going from when he first asked her out to their second-first date was funny and oh-so- relatable for any girl who is so completely clueless around a guy that likes her that she is at risk of messing it up. It was interesting to realise that Patrick Wilson had previously appeared in another movie that I really enjoyed watching (Purple Violets).

Overall, this movie was a great way to enjoy an evening. It was laugh out loud funny; so good, that throughout the cinema people were laughing with no inhibitions, as if they were in their living rooms. This added a communal feel to the viewing experience that I liked. I ‘d recommend this film if you’re looking for a good rom-com.



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