Job Opening: The Average Looking Need Not Apply

No, I’m not hiring or advertising a job. I’m just making an observation about certain occupations that seem to have a disproportionately high number of ‘attractive’ people. 

I had occasionally come across rumblings on this topic in the news and so on but I first noticed this for myself sometime ago while travelling. It’s no surprise that there might be more emphasis on looks in the flight attending world because there is a presentational element to their job. Their uniforms are designed to make them look chic and present a polished image to the airline’s customers. However, at this particular airline I dealt with, it seemed like all their female staff could double as beauty queens. This made me wonder if there was a subjective attractiveness test that was applied in hiring these women. It cannot be a coincidence that their female staff all just happened to be extremely pretty and I could not really find one who looked like an average woman off the street. This was true across different age ranges because I dealt with a number of older and younger female staff from that airline. It was an eventful journey I might add. You could see something similar amongst the male staff, in that they had been selected for looks though a standard was not as strikingly obvious as it was with the women. Perhaps this is down to there being a wider range of what is considered good-looking when it comes to men.

I am curious about how exactly companies achieve an objective such as this when hiring staff. Do they discuss the looks of the candidates? Is there some kind of unspoken understanding about which candidates pass the looks test? Do the candidates know that this is part of the game and are they also playing along with it?  I suppose the way one presents always plays some kind of role in job interviews but I would feel uncomfortable applying for a job knowing that how I fit the ‘look’ of the organisation will be one of the factors i am evaluated on. I wonder if others feel the same.  



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