It’s been a long time coming

I have been patiently waiting until I could start participating in the blogging universe again. To describe the last few months as demanding would be an understatement. I reached the point of physical and mental exhaustion during this period yet somehow I managed to make it through. I thank God for the grace and strength to get me to this point. Unfortunately all of that meant that I could not devote time to writing here or commenting elsewhere when I had not yet completed my own work. The guilt was off the charts for me with every little bit of time spent away from what I was supposed to be doing.  

I also achieved a major milestone in the same time period. I officially marked the end of my formal education.  I still have other professional requirements to fulfill but as of now, I am no longer a student.   It’s so true that you can never imagine how challenging something is going to be until you’re doing it. I can’t tell yet but I hope it will all have been worth it.

So I am in a period of transition. I am eager to resume documenting my thoughts and interacting with the other bloggers I have come to know during my 1st year of blogging though I am not sure how I’ll manage this spot in light of my changing schedule. As with so many other things in my life, I’ll be winging it. Thanks to everyone who visited while I was away.  

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