The disappearing act has come to an end

The news of  President Yar’adua’s death was not exactly shocking. I don’t think most people believed that he was going to make a full recovery but this was certainly not the way people were hoping things would end. There’s no way to know for sure but my sense is that he would have been better off resigning  a long time ago to concentrate on receiving medical care. I think he was a hostage to the agenda of others.  

Goodluck Jonathan has now been officially recognised as the man in charge and the transition seems to be proceeding smoothly so far. Let’s hope things continue this way and we can avoid a power grab that would surely lead to trouble.

Condolences to the family of the late president.


2 responses to “The disappearing act has come to an end

  1. the whole yaradua sickness/death saga should not go without being well documented in history. a lot happened in the nigerian political scene in those few months

    • I agree. I actually think the country would benefit from some kind of investigation or public inquiry into the whole incident but at the moment, it seems likely to get swept under the carpet. How can we learn from our mistakes if we never look back?

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