Seeing Things With Fresh Eyes

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve started revising my opinion on a lot of things. For instance, people I never used to think were attractive, I now look at and can see something there.

Case in point: actor Matthew McConaughey. I’ve seen him in so many movies and he tends to play the same character in rom-coms. He is usually the suave guy that ends up falling in love but not without engaging in some shenanigans along the way. In all the time that I’ve been watching his movies, I’ve never seen what the fuss was about him. I didn’t think he was ugly or anything like that but I didn’t think he was fine either. A few nights ago, I was watching The Wedding Planner and at some point I caught myself thinking, ‘when did this guy become so cute’? Or has he always been cute and I just never noticed?

Example number 2: Jennifer Lopez’s bum. It’s been a while since I saw her in anything so that might explain why it stood out to me. There was always a lot of hype about her curvaceous figure and how she was different from the standard Hollywood body. I distinctly remember my impression being ‘yes, she has a butt, yes she’s not stick-thin but I don’t find it note-worthy because I know lots of people that have similar figures’. So why was it that when I was watching this movie I noticed her figure as if for the first time?

Am I seeing with fresh eyes or was I wrong all-along? Thinking about all the things or people I might have missed out on because I didn’t see them well the first time is now causing me some concern.  


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