The End of Racism

Read this ‘Labour claims victory over racism‘ to fully comprehend the following post.


Really Labour? Your party has managed to drastically reduce racism in the UK? Wow! What an achievement. I wonder why they haven’t deigned to share their magic formula with everyone else seeing as a solution to racism would seriously improve the lives of so many around the world. But I doubt they’ve actually solved anything. In fact, the words of the government representative making this claim are very instructive.

Consider this excerpt from the article for instance:

  He claimed that it is outdated to assume that coming from a minority racial background is the main thing holding people back in society. People from all ethnic groups are just as likely to be held back by poverty and lack of opportunity, he said.

Big fat LOL! Clearly, the man doesn’t understand what racism is or how it affects people. Otherwise he would not make such a broad, meaningless claim.

And just to further prove my point, take a look at the comments that follow the article. I wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that his government has failed in its objective if I were judging his claim on the basis of those comments alone.  But hey, i may be missing something here.  Who knows, the UK may truly be on the way to ending racism. Excuse me while i chuckle.


4 responses to “The End of Racism

  1. Haha Soul, i feel you completely. I wasn’t even annoyed when i saw the comment, i was just amused. Enjoy your weekend!

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