Stuff That Makes You Go WOW!

I witnessed an amusing incident yesterday. I was having an afternoon snack when this woman came to sit near me. She was holding a 16-piece box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and next thing I knew she had polished off the whole thing. What I found so funny was the way she attacked the box. I mean, she wasn’t even pausing between chocolates; she’d already be unwrapping the next one while chewing.  You know how it can be sometimes, you’re starving and so you tuck into the first few mouthfuls with intensity but then it dies down and you start eating at a normal pace again. Not so for this lady, she just kept going and once I realised that she was going for the whole box I started sneaking glances at her to confirm my suspicion. Yes people, she ate 16 ferrero rochers in less than 10 minutes!

Now anyone who’s eaten Ferrero Rochers knows they are not easy to chew or swallow because of their rich, nutty texture. I don’t really understand how someone could eat 16 of these in quick succession with no break for water. I felt sick watching her but this woman must have had a stomach made of steel.

Once she was done, she packed up the empty wrappers and the box, dumped them in the bin and left as unceremoniously as she arrived, leaving me in awe of her chocolate eating prowess.


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