Little Snippets

On Commitment

I think it’s funny that I am commitment phobic yet somehow I frequently end up participating in too many different activities which leaves me feeling over-committed. That’s usually the point at which I drastically withdraw from everything but it never lasts for long. I think I have a need to be busy.


On Being Too Sweet

It’s odd because it feels like this sweet persona is a recent development for me. I am not sure where it came from.  You might wonder what the problem is with being perceived as sweet. I find that it means people assume I am not tough because I am not aggressive.  I have sometimes gotten the impression that people were surprised by my understanding certain topics or having an opinion on them. Perhaps they were expecting me to be stupid or an airhead. It is not such a big deal if I am in a position to counter this perception. What worries me is the prospect of people not taking me seriously, underestimating me or making snap judgements that are completely wrong  e.g. not considering me for a job or an assignment.  


On Food

I prefer tasteless food to bad tasting food. At least with the former, you can attempt to salvage it with ketchup, salt, pepper, hot sauce whatever. With bad tasting food however, nothing you can add makes it any better. It is even more annoying when the dish looks so pretty but you tuck into it only to find that it tastes awful.  It’s such a massive disappointment. I would rather a plain looking plate of food that is packed with flavour than an unnecessarily fancy plate that leaves me unsatisfied.

2 responses to “Little Snippets

  1. I can relate to you regarding commitment. I’m the same way. I find that I do this with my friends and family. There are times when I’m at everyone’s house, constantly socializing and hanging out with folks and then when it’s gotten to the point where my phone is constantly ringing and someone needs for mindless matters, I unplug. Some have gotten use to it and well now understand other take offense. Maybe not exactly what you meant, either way I relate.

    To be underestimated can be an advantage is some cases, although I see your point when it comes to a job opportunity.

    Very good point about food! That’s so true.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Stef, thanks for stopping by. Good to see you that you could relate to the post. I know exactly what you mean. I tend to sign up for too much to the extent that it becomes expected of me even though i was only helping out in the first place. I know that feeling of being needed for random stuff and it always snowballs from one small thing to lots of little things that dominate your time.

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