A couple of months ago I had an idea which seemed obvious and very viable but no one was doing it. Though I thought it was a great idea, I doubted my ability to execute it. That didn’t stop me from thinking about and working on it even though I was (and still am) quite far from being able to make it happen. This morning I found out that someone else has gotten there first. I see what she’s made of it and I’m convinced it’s going to work.

So I am kind of disappointed but not too much. This is not something that was put together in two months so she must have been way ahead in the things that were needed to make it a reality (e.g. having the contacts etc). Also, I’m not too worried because I know that if I could come up with a good idea before I can always come up with more.

In a way, it is encouraging to see this because it tells me that I was on the right track and that I need to have more confidence in my thoughts.


4 responses to “Ideas

  1. Ahh but have you ever thought about it this way?

    ‘She has laid the ground work so you don’t have to, the work she has done is the foundation for you to take this idea to the stratosphere’

    See, someone once realised that we need to brush our teeth, in Naija we used chewing sticks. At some point someone looked at the simple chewing stick and thought hmmmm.. what if we run out of these trees… maybe can I make something with the same effect or improve it?.
    (bad analogy I know, but work with me).

    Someone once had an idea to write a book for children about disappearing into magical worlds.
    Tolken wrote Lord of the rings, decades later JK Rowling wrote another childrens fantasy book about children disappearing into magical worlds….. ‘Harry Potter’.

    There is nothing new in the world. Someone else might beat us to the concept, I try to simply thank them for developing my idea and then I try to build on it as well.

    I hope you don’t abandon this.
    GEt in there and be the healthy competition (which leads to innovative approaches).
    Good luck.

    • You know Soul, i hadn’t thought about it so much from this angle. This is a great way of looking at things and is very encouraging. Thanks.

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