Extreme tactics



Please read the above news story which features the BNP party leader talking about preventing illegal immigration by sinking immigrants’ boats.

Here’s a little quote.

“But the only measure, sooner or later, which is going to stop immigration and stop large numbers of sub- Saharan Africans dying on the way to get over here is to get very tough with those coming over.  Frankly, they need to sink several of those boats”.


Wow! I’m so touched by his concern for the safety of the immigrants. Of course he’s not advocating murder, he’s just going by natural selection. Sink the boats, toss the life rafts in and leave it up to nature to determine who survives.  In fact, we can go one better. Why not make it a game? Round up those that are fastest and strongest (you know they could be useful for medal winning purposes) and leave the rest to sort themselves out.  

I hope the people who voted for this party are proud of their man. I mean the ones who say stuff like, ‘I’m not racist but…’.   All I have to say to them is: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s not a fish. It is a duck.


2 responses to “Extreme tactics

  1. Hiya! I just saw the comment you left at my blog. I’m sorely tempted to give my WTF?! Award to the BNP/Nick Griffin. But he’s said so much insipid crap, it’ll take me awhile to tear him a new one. I’m still bummed that the BNP actually gained two seats in the European Parliament! My only consolation is no other party is willing to play with them :-D. That makes me waaaay happier than it probably should.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. The BNP’s inability to make friends is consolation indeed. They don’t need anyone to make them look ridiculous, they’re doing so all by themselves.

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