Look Out for the New Kids on the Block

The USA football team almost made history yesterday. For  a while, it really looked like they were going to beat Brazil to take the Confed cup. This tournament is the best I’ve ever seen them play but I wasn’t ready for such a result so I was somewhat relieved when Brazil won it. I have mixed feelings about this because on one hand, I feel that a good team doesn’t deserve to lose just because most of their country doesn’t give a toss about the sport but on the other hand, the US winning the tournament would have felt like upsetting the natural order of things or something.  Anyway, well done to both teams. It looks like we have more competition for the World Cup which always makes things more exciting.

Btw, I don’t know how I never noticed the collective ‘fineness’ (is that even a word?) of the US team.


2 responses to “Look Out for the New Kids on the Block

  1. yeah, i found myself cheering for both teams because on the one hand i wanted to see the underdog rise from its ashes, but then on the other hand its BRAZZZZZZIL!

    as for the fineness of the american team – i couldn’t help but notice too – particularly the goalie and Onyewu….

    • You must have been in my mind because i definitely noticed those two. Good to see i wasn’t alone.

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