Hollywood Kisses

I was watching a movie over the weekend when it occurred to me that I would quite like to have what I call a Hollywood kiss.

Hollywood kisses are always rather spectacular. A typical movie kiss goes something like this: the ridiculously attractive guy and girl are out on a quiet stroll on a bridge overlooking the river or a similarly scenic setting.  There is enough electricity between them to light up Lagos for a day but of course they don’t acknowledge this directly. Tension building, they finally stop and turn to face each other. The lights come on in the background casting a perfect glow over the night sky with our lovebirds in it.

The guy moves in hesitantly while the girl angles her head. For a brief moment you think it is not going to happen and that they have had second thoughts but then the guy changes his mind and moves in decisively this time. And voila, the magic happens! Fireworks go off behind them  and you just know they are headed for happily ever after. It is all so romantic and perfect.

It is enough to make anyone want to go out and fall in love instantly so you can have endless kisses like that. The trouble is that these types of kisses don’t happen in real life or do they?

BTW: I wonder how much it would cost to recreate the setting for a Hollywood kiss.

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